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This unique new marketing service is for all of America's smaller specialty foods producers The cost is FREE. There have always been numerous possibilities for marketing the specialty foods products of America. You can think of the marketing ideas listed on this page as experiments to find out what might be accomplished by uniting the overall potential impact of communications from virtually all specialty foods producers in the USA. It doesn't matter if you just starting out an artisan food business, or have been at it a while, but with less than ideal results. 

​This plan is designed to create a scenario with no risk, to which no one can logically say 'no' to, creating what we hope everyone will refer to as Specialty Food's Best Resource. The first group of marketing ideas are explained below. If you choose to give this a try, just complete the brief contact form at the bottom of this page, and click on the "SUBMIT" button below. Once your specialty foods business is included in our database, your business will be included in all of our marketing activities listed below, & you will receive regular updates as to which marketing experiments are currently in progress. That's all there is to it!

Everything has to start somewhere. The first activity planned is to start as soon as there are enough respondents to our initial message. That activity is a creating and distributing a Retailer's Monthly Sale Flyer about local specialty food producers products, sent monthly to the buyers at as many stores carrying specialty food products via email.

 Here are brief explanations of all potential marketing tools, starting with the Specialty Food Retailers Monthly Sale Flyer, mentioned above.

Here are brief explanations of all potential marketing tools, starting with the Specialty Food Retailers Monthly Sale Flyer, mentioned above.

A Promotions Service:

One of the biggest differences between large grocery chains and small specialty stores is "promotions". You know, the reduced price "Sale" tags you see on large store shelves telling that the price is reduced for a week. This is a key to making products sell. A chain store buyer once said, "New products don't sell without promotions". A long overdue service is a 'Promotion's Service' which arranges and schedules "Price Reduction Sales" for specialty foods products in independent specialty stores, to aid producers, as well as retailers. Once a reasonable number of participants have signed up, indicating what stores they would like to have promotions at, as well as what type of promotions, we will contact these stores with this marketing plan, which will benefit everyone concerned.

Utilizing the Media: 

One small specialty foods business is usually not a lot of news. A large group of specialty foods producers can be. Periodic press releases can be sent out to countless newspapers, magazines, etc., giving them new ideas for stories about the innovations of a large group of artisan producers, while spotlighting any of special interest. 

Holiday Gift Guides:

Many specialty foods producers have products already packaged as great gifts, but not nearly enough potential customers ever see them. Exclusive On-line Gourmet Holiday Gift Guides can be created for all major holidays, with links emailed to an ever expanding list of specialty market buyers, to let them know what unique artisan products are out there. This same Gourmet Holiday Gift Guide Collection can also be emailed to countless newspapers and magazines, so they can be featured as news items to the general public.

Stories Sell:

Many specialty foods websites have a brief story detailing how their products and business started. Having these stories on your website is nice, but a great deal more is possible, since most websites don't get as many visitors as hoped for. A monthly email publication containing a collection of these 'Stories' already on websites can be sent to a collection of the best specialty food retailers in each region who acknowledge their interest, allowing specialty food retailers to know not just what's available to them, but the back story, as well. See a sample. 

America's Farmer's Market:

Wouldn't it be nice if small specialty foods producers could sell directly to customers via a link on public school websites, eliminating many costs, and splitting the profits with public schools, and benefiting everyone involved. This is the goal behind the plan on one of our sister sites, Once a reasonable number of participants have signed up, indicating their interest in participating in this project, public schools can be contacted regarding this outside the box fundraiser.

A Gourmet Gift Card Website:

What sells 365 days a year? Gift Cards, especially for gourmet artisan foods. A new website showcasing your custom gift cards for your products can be reasonably affordable and created quickly. Once you have them available, they can be easily added to your website to promote. The average person will often spend more for gifts than for personal purchases. Here are two links to two different types of suppliers: 

A Coupon Code Website: 

Coupon codes have almost become a prerequsite for many online shoppers. This feature can become a sizeable marketing tool for your products on your website.A new website, , is nearing completion, and can be the definitive website for anyone interested in saving money on specialty foods. 

It's easy and affordable to be included in all of the above features. Our goal is to go exceed expectations in all ways, and to make this the most valuable specialty foods information & marketing service anywhere. Specialty Food's Best Resources will always operate as a nonprofit organization. If you're not sure if this is a good deal, a thorough Google search should help you make up your mind.

Corporate Gifts:

Many specialty food websites mention that their products can make great Corporate Gifts. It is likely that an online collection such as this would get more viewers collectively, than many individual websites. Each of the eight regional websites of America's Specialty Foods will have a regional collection of Corporate Gifts. The collection for Region One, New England has already been started. Here is a link to it.  

​Co-packers, Distributors & Brokers:

Is there anyone out there who couldn't use a good Co-packer, Distributor or Broker? When was the last time one of them called you, looking to work for you? What if links to our databases of producers were sent randomly to numerous Co-packers, Distributors & Brokers to introduce them to a LOT of potential new clients? Do you think some of them might call businesses that look interesting to them? We do.  

If you have any questions, you can email us or call us at 508-869-0055. 

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