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About New England Specialty Foods

What is New England Specialty Foods?

New England Specialty Foods is the most complete collection of the artisan food products of New England, for gourmet shoppers and chefs everywhere to choose from, when shopping for the newest, healthiest products. But that's just the start!

New England Specialty Foods is also a division of America's Specialty Foods, the first ever FREE, national information and marketing  resource, with the ultimate goal of  being the only place a small specialty foods producer needs to go to get any and all answers to save time and money, for developing a specialty foods business.

Another aspect of New England Specialty Foods, as a region of America's Specialty Foods, is to become a powerful 'Business Cluster', similar to a Co-op, but without all the red tape and obligations. This can enable steady growth of the America's Specialty Foods Buying Group , and the Specialty Food's Best Resources   Classified Ads.

Another project in development, America's Farmer's Market, is admittedly ambitious, yet has tremendous potential for doing a lot of good for a lot of people. In a nutshell, the goal for America's Farmer's Market is to expand all regions of the Directory into a giant, national, online gourmet shopping mall, with links on the home page of all public schools. Each public school will then promote the specialty foods mall to all parents, with schools and producers splitting the profits 50%-50%. This will make it possible to raise tens millions of dollars in profits for all public schools annually, since most of the added expenses of sales, distribution and retail mark-ups will be eliminated. Profits for producers will be much greater as well. 

There have always been numerous possibilities for marketing the specialty foods products of America. You can think of the marketing ideas listed on these pages as experiments to find out what might be accomplished by uniting the overall potential impact of communications from virtually all specialty foods producers in the USA. It doesn't matter if you just starting out an artisan food business, or have been at it a while, but with less than ideal results.This plan is designed for everyone. We've tried to create a scenario with no cost & no risk, to which no one can possibly say 'no' to. The goal here is to be Specialty Food's Best Resource. The first group of marketing ideas are explained on the Specialty Food's Best Resources website. If you choose to give this a try, just complete the brief contact form at the bottom of the page, and click on the "SUBMIT" button below. Once your specialty foods business is included in the database, your business will be included in all of our marketing activities listed below, & you will receive regular updates as to which marketing experiments are currently in progress. That's all there is to it!

Other possibilities for the future, to help the thousands of small specialty foods businesses grow coast to coast, creating many thousands of new jobs as businesses grow and expand, are vertically integrated, producer owned and operated production facilities, trade shows and retail stores, regionally.

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