New England Specialty Foods
  New England's Specialty Foods Retail Outlets

Wouldn't it be nice if the roughly 40% retail margin became part of your profits, rather than the amount which retailers make selling your products, making them so costly? Actually, if there were co-op retail stores owned by the small producers who make the specialty food products, there wouldn't need to be such a high margin, and lots more products could be sold, with the profits going to the individuals that worked so hard to make them. Does this sound good to you? If it does, keep reading.

Did you know that Whole Foods Markets started as a relatively small, single store about thirty years ago? Now they are making billions annually, sellinour products. It's only logical that if a reasonable number of small specialty foods producers got together and opened a co-op specialty foods store in one of those vacant mall spaces you often see, that there could be reasonable profits for everyone concerned, with more products selling to consumers and more reasonable prices.

If you'd like to be added to the list of individuals interested in exploring this idea, just send an email to, with the subject line" NESF Retail Outlets"   

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