New England Specialty Foods
 A Trade Show That Really  Works:

A major goal of ours is to create the most helpful, most affordable specialty foods expo ever seen, at the DCU Center in Worcester Massachusetts.

This event will be called, appropriately enough, The New England Specialty Foods Expo. It will be a four day event. Thursday and Friday will be for store and restaurant buyers only, where they can discover, sample and order new products for their businesses. Saturday and Sunday will be for the general public, who will be able to purchase any and all products and learn where they can be purchased regularly.

If you think this sounds expensive, you're wrong. Most traditional food shows you've either attended or didn't attend because they were too expensive, are unnecessarily expensive. 

Our findings have indicated that the actual cost of a standard sized booth at a large event such as this, without a profit for the show's promoters, costs the producers about $50 per day, and not considerably more.

If you'd be interested in participating in a nonprofit event such as this, just send an email to us at, and when there are enough small specialty food producers interested, everyone will be contacted.
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Comparing Trade Show Costs

If you've been a small specialty foods producer for any length of time, you know that having a booth at a sizeable specialty foods trade show can be quite costly, predictable, routine and with no guarantees.

We've researched the costs of several other specialty foods trade shows in the northeast, which you might have heard of, to see how the cost of attending theirs, compares to the one we are planning. Here are links to the web pages of some other trade shows, with the costs to attend them explained.

First, the BIG one:

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade: This one apparently is so expensive, that you have to contact them to get the full cost. The above link will take you to them, so you can ask about their current pricing.I guess they figure that if they posted the cost on their website, they wouldn't get a lot of takers.

A trade show with food & other things in Portland Maine:

New England Products Trade Show: This link shows the costs.

Another BIG one:

Natural Products Expo East: It's not easy to find this pricing page on their website. Once you do, you can see why.

New England Food Show: (formerly the Northeast Foodservice & Lodging Show): Again, this one appearsto be so expensive that they don't dare to put the price on their website. You must send them your contact information first, to get the price for a booth.

A few more will be added later, buy you probably get the idea. Ask anyone who has 'paid thousands to feed thousands', if it was really worth it. The real winners at these shows are the businesses that put them on and collect many thousands from booth rentals, which cost only a tiny fraction of what they charge you.