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If you can't raise your retail pricing any higher than it currently is, the only way to increase your profits is to reduce your costs. It has been said that one dollar saved on purchasing costs is the equivalent of ten dollars in increased revenues.

America's Specialty Foods has a unique new way for all the small and medium specialty food producers of America to combine their buying power, to attract better pricing on the products and services necessary to operate a specialty foods business, to have competitive retail pricing, and much more!

It all starts with the Specialty Food's Best Resources Directory. Efforts have begun to create a complete list of quality, reliable, affordable vendors who can supply all the goods and services any specialty foods producer will ever need. Here's an analogy to explain our vision for one of the the best win-win situations, ever.

Who sells the most products in the USA? Wal-mart of course. Why? Because they usually have the lowest prices on everything. Why? Because they sell the most, they can do that by making up in volume what they sacrifice by not having higher prices. How can this principle apply to specialty foods? 

The plan is to select a limited number of the best vendors in each category of the goods and services you need, and list them in the Resources Guide. Until now, each of these vendors had to find new customers one at a time. By participating, all vendors have the monthly opportunity to advertise their products and services, directly to the growing, national group of thousands America's Specialty Foods producers in the Specialty Food's Best Resources Classified Ads, potentially increasing their business volumes greatly.

How does it work? Each month, all suppliers will have the opportunity to advertise to our large group of specialty foods producers, with exclusive Classified Ads you won't see anywhere else. This information service is 100% Free to all producers, always.

How can specialty food producers have access to view this monthly Classified Ads? A separate 'sister site' has been created to develop this buying group. It's name is Specialty Food's Best Resources. The site is the home of all information for saving on all specialty food business producer costs. To find whatever you need, just visit Specialty Foods Best Resources and click on Shopping Directory, or Classified Ads.

To participate, all you need to do is be listed in The New England's Specialty Foods Directory, and it's always FREE!

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