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This page has a list of many topics which may be of interest to small specialty foods producers, with a brief explanation for each item. They are numbered 1 through 22, alphabetically. To receive FREE information about all topics of interest to you, which you might like to participate in to help grow your business, just send an email to , with all the numbers of the topics which interest you.

1. Buying Group: Better pricing for everyone with more business to fewer suppliers.

2. Calendars: Custom wall calendars with pictures of your products and you to keep both potential customers as well as current customers thinking about you. 

3. Classified Ads: Be included in an online sale flyer sent to specialty food buyers seasonally, with promotions to motivate buying decisions.

4. Corporate Gifts: Be included on a website targeting businesses seeking specialty food products for corporate gifts.

5. Coupon Codes: A specialty foods website with coupon codes which can be applied to products on your website, to motivate visitors to buy.

6. Co-Packing: Learn who the most reliable co-packers are. 

7. Distribution: A virtual distributor created with a network of vehicles owned by producers.

8. Employment: An on-line listing of flexible, shared employees.

9. Food-service: Be part of a marketing effort to sell specialty food products to restaurants, in volume.

10. Fundraising: Be included in an on-line listing for schools to find specialty food products for fundraising.

11. Gift Cards: Have your products included in a website featuring gift cards for specialty food products.

12. Gluten Free: Have your gluten free products included in a gluten-free products website.

13. Holiday Gifts: A website featuring specialty food products for holiday gifts.

14. Ingredients: Lower your costs on ingredients of all types.

15. Marketing Your Business: Include your products in unique marketing efforts to specialty food buyers.

16. Production Facility: Be included in a co-op production facility serving most of New England.

17. Promotion Service: Press releases for specialty food products. 

18. Rating Suppliers: An "Angie's List" style rating website for specialty foods suppliers.

19. Retail Outlet: Be part of a co-op retail store for specialty food products.

20. Supporting Schools: A website which sells specialty food products, linked to public school websites, sharing the profits with the schools.

21. Trade Shows: An affordable, annual co-op trade show for specialty food products.

22. Trading Services:various ways produces can help each other.

If enough individuals are interested in exploring the possibilities of any of the above items, substantial improvements can be possible. .
New England Specialty Foods
​Non-Profit Marketing, Cost Reduction & Information Services for Small Producers