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Why This Website?

Conventional wisdom for specialty foods websites has been, "Build It & They Will Come". If you've had a website the past few years, you probably know this isn't always as true as one would hope. Phase One of a larger master plan, is the Directory on this website. By simply being listed here, the odds of a website being found on Google searches should improve greatly.

In the past, it's always been necessary for traditional sales calls to buyers of specialty foods products to be made one at a time, limiting the amount of sales calls a small producer can make. And unfortunately, many new specialty foods products do not sell as well as was hoped, once they are on store shelves.

Phase Two of the planned "efficiency in numbers" strategy is  The monthly New England Specialty Foods Classified Ads. Thanks to technology which hasn't been available for very long, this revolutionary new marketing tool is a new way to solve these problems. 

The growing, comprehensive free specialty foods products Directory created by New England Specialty Foods has new, unique potential for all who choose to participate. 

Each month, The New England Specialty Foods Retail Buyer's Guide will be sent to a unique, comprehensive, current database of specialty foods buyers all over New England, much as newsletters are being done now by trade associations, etc.. The difference here, is that this monthly correspondence to specialty food buyers in all six New England states will have customized marketing messages from all participating small producers, to motivate food buyers to order their products. In a relatively short while, virtually all relevant specialty foods buyers in New England will be included. 

What kinds of marketing messages? For example: 

* New product introductions
* Product promotions of all types
* Periodic price reduction promotions, similar to the promotions distributors offer to chain stores
* Volume discounts
* Demo opportunities
* Offer samples

Why will this be of interest to specialty foods buyers?

* Buyers are always looking for new products, and the NESF monthly Retail Buyer's Guide will save them time finding them
* Buyers are always looking for a good deal, just like anyone else
* Buyers know periodic price reduction opportunities are the fuel that runs retailing, but they have seldom existed on a small scale before

How is the list of buyers compiled?

Very simply, when you sign on to be included in our monthly communication to buyers, you will have the opportunity to send us a list of all the buyers you'd like your message to be sent to. It doesn't matter if you are already doing business with a specific buyer or not. Everyone else who participates will have the same opportunity. Together, this creates a one-of-a-kind list of all specialty food buyers in New England. Do you think you might increase your sales this way?

If you have any questions, our email is, or our phone number is 508-869-0055.

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 Funding Public Schools?

     What if small specialty foods producers could sell direct to all parents of public school students, splitting the profits with the schools, so they could supply a better education for all students? That's the goal of our sister site:

Non-Profit Marketing, Cost Reduction & Information Services for Small Producers
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Comparing Costs, Etc.

      There are countless other websites with ways for you to increase your sales and profits. You've probably tried some of them. We recommend you review as many as possible, both for total cost and for content. Then compare them to the plans and their cost here (FREE!)