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   Welcome to the Store !

This is the internet's most complete selection of the healthiest, best tasting artisan food products, created exclusively in New England. 

These are products all produced in relatively small quantities, so you're unlikely to ever see them in large supermarkets. The reason, it just costs more to use the finest ingredients in small quantities. And, compared to the less costly, mass-produced products the large chain stores carry, these high quality, local products seldom sell quickly enough to be on the large store's shelf for long, if they ever do get there. Most people buy what they buy out of habit or necessity. It has been said however, things cannot stay the same and get better. 

New England Specialty Foods is a nonprofit organization, with the mission of creating new opportunities for the small, local artisan producer. All purchases made via this website are direct from the small producer with 100% of all shopping revenues going directly to the people who make the products. 

To see any or all of New England's best  products, and shop right now, just click on any green link, on the left.
An Important Message to Consumers:

Why not make a suggestion to the manager of your favorite chain supermarket that they waive slotting fees for small, local producers, to give these businesses a chance to grow, creating new American jobs and helping the local economy come back stronger and faster? At the same time, everyone will also get more local, healthy choices for their
dining enjoyment!
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There's an unrivaled assortment on this website, all made in New England, and they can all be purchased direct from the manufacturer!
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A New Book 
by the Creator of this Website

A unique "How to" book for success in the specialty foods business, by someone who's actually made & sold their own specialty food products in New England! 

"How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA"

Preview it now, on 

Just click on the book's cover, below, to look inside!

A new 2nd Edition has just been published!

Pictured, on the left, the Author, Harvey Clark, sampling some of his products,
 Salad Dressings!
Be sure to tell your favorite Chef about all the local quality food products available directly to them via this website.