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Information, Questions & Answers

To help explain what New England's Specialty Foods and sister sites America's Specialty Foods, Specialty Foods Best Resources and America's Farmer's Market are all about, here are some questions you may have, with answers.

Q: What is New England's Specialty Foods, and what are it's goals?

A: NESF is an "Industry Cluster", or similar to a Co-op, without any red tape, obligations or fees, for small and medium specialty foods producers, for the greater benefit of everyone involved. This website includes the internet's largest Directory of more than a thousand of the artisan food producers of New England, to make it much easier for everyone listed to be found by the people who are looking for them, and what they have to offer. New England's Specialty Foods is also one of eight regions of America's Specialty Foods, the 'hub' website for all related activities, with the mission of being America's best one-stop, 100% FREE destination for all information, products and services needed to succeed as a specialty foods producer. 

Also, the buying power of these producers, until now, has consisted solely of what their needs and purchases have consisted of. One of the primary goals of New England's Specialty Foods and America's Specialty Foods is to create a unique new buying system to leverege the enormous potential combined buying power of the many thousands of America's specialty foods producers into a multimillion dollar buying group, to increase everyone's profit potential. The Buying Group has it's own sister site, Specialty Food's Best Resources. There are several other goals, which are listed on the Future Goals page.

Q: Who produces New England's Specialty Foods and Specialty Food's Best Resources?

A: Production of New England Specialty Foods and Specialty Foods Best Resources is by Harvey Clark of Mondi Enterprises of Boylston, Massachusetts, a member of the specialty food industry for more than a decade, with his products Angus Sauces , and Mondi's Vegan Cooking Sauces. Also, for a number years prior to that, Mr. Clark was a Purchasing Manager for several of Boston's better food service establishments. Forming a buying group was the logical next step. He is also author of the book, 'How to Make a Profit Creating and Selling Your Own Specialty Foods Products in the USA', available on (link to the book). Sales of the Angus and Vegan Sauces, as well as the book and any advertising you may see, fund website operations.

Q: What does it cost for a small specialty foods producer to participate in the Specialty Foods Best Resources Buying Group?

A: There is no cost to any producers, ever. 

Q: How can local producers save money on their business expenses with the Buying Group?

A: Each month, a 'Specialty Foods Classified Ads' will be compiled, from the suppliers listed in the Specialty Food's Best Resources Directory. This Classified Ads will be available online on the Specialty Food's Best Resources website, for all producers of New England's Specialty Foods ad America's Specialty Foods to view for their business needs. 

Q: Why would Vendors want to participate?

A: By participating in the New England's Specialty Foods Classified Ads,, as well as the Classified Ads for each of the other regions, each vendor can communicate to over a thousand qualified potential customers, all at the same time. This is tremendously more efficient than looking for customers, one by one. The increased potential volume in business will allow for volume pricing for all participating specialty foods producers.

Q: What are the categories for Vendors?

A: The vendor categories can be seen on the Resources page.  

Q: How many vendors will there be in each category?

A: There will be approximately a dozen primary vendors for each category in each region, once it is clear which vendors are the overall best ones.

If you have any questions not answered here, just send an email to .