The Missions New England's Specialty Foods!
A Region of America's Specialty Foods

What are the missions of New England's Specialty Foods? First, it's one of the eight Regions of America's Specialty Foods, & like the seven other Regions, New England's Specialty Food's goals are all the same.

1. To become the definitive place which anyone interested in creating and marketing their own specialty foods products can find all the information they will need, at no charge.

2. To create a marketing system for artisan food producers to work with public schools across the USA, so schools can receive substantial funding from the sale of America's specialty food products from an online shopping mall, linked to their individual websites, .

3. To create the number one online gourmet shopping destination for America's artisan foods in the USA, helping all of America to eat healthier, natural foods, with access to the local artisan food products from their own area, which currently are unable in large supermarkets. 

4. To compile a complete Specialty Foods Resource Directory, introducing the the best suppliers of all products and services needed to the thousands of existing small American specialty foods businesses, creating many thousands of new jobs, not only for small food producers but for the best suppliers as well, .

5. To create a powerful buying group to enable small specialty foods producers to reduce costs and increase their profits.

6. To create a complete, online Classified Ads, which will allow all specialty foods producers to sell items they no longer need, or list whatever they are looking for, at no charge: .

7. To create a national database of specialty food co-packers,  

Whether you're just thinking about trying to turn your favorite recipe into a retail product, or even if you've been at it for a while, you've probably seen that finding the credible information you need and want, affordably, is not easy. New England's Specialty Foods has been created to make finding ALL the information you need to create and sell your own specialty food products as easy as possible, and oh yes, ALL of the resourses on this website, as well as our sister sites, are always absolutely FREE to all small and medium specialty food producers. Funding will come from advertising from the suppliers of products and services needed by producers on our websites, the sale of our own specialty foods, and , and our book "How to Make a Profit Creating and Selling Your Own Specialty Foods Products in the USA", available at (link to the book).   

A good amount is still in the construction stage, but progress is being made every day toward completion of the above goals.

New England's Specialty Foods hopes these reasons will encourage you to browse all of our websites, starting with the menu at the left, to learn more about how our goals can become reality, making America better for the common good of all.
Thank you,

Harvey Clark

        New England Specialty Foods
 Non-Profit Marketing, Cost Reduction & Information Services for Small Producers

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